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FAQ and Rules

Q. What are the standard resources included in the nightly fee at each RV site?

A. 30 & 50 Amp power and a water spigot

Q.Do you have a dump station?

A. Yes, we have a centrally located dump station, you can access on your way in or out.

Q. Do you have pull through or back-in sites?

A. We have both available.

Q. Do I need reservations in advance of my arrival.

A. Yes, FCR is a unique boutique ranch experience. We have a limited number of spaces. Since we are off the beaten path we recommend having reservations so you are not disappointed if you arrive without them. If you do not have reservations we will always do our best to accommodate you.

Q. I talked to someone on the phone and made a reservation, now what?

A. You will receive an email with a confirmation of your reservation. Please check the dates and type of site on receipt and we will look forward to seeing you at the ranch!

Q. Can I bring my kids?

A. FCR is an ideal place for families to enjoy a retreat to the wild peace in the Texas countryside. Bring your bikes, kids, sturdy shoes and a taste for some good local food and drinks.

Q. Can I bring my pets?

A. Your pets are welcome, please keep them on a leash. This is for their safety. This is a working cattle ranch. Cows really only like to socialize with each other.

Q. How do I find FCR?

A. Google Maps is the only GPS that we have been able to get to cooperate with our address. Please use Google Maps and point it towards 2729 FM 2731. If you don’t have/cannot get the Google Maps app or access it on a browser we are 5.5 miles west of 183 on Farm to Market 2731 and 5 miles east of 569 on 2731.

  • From I-20 in Cisco or points east or west: 183 South – 15 miles
    • Right turn onto Farm to Market 2731
    • 5.5 miles, our ranch is on the right
  • From Brownwood or points South: 183 North – 31 miles
    • Left turn onto Farm to Market 2731
    • 5.5 miles, our ranch is on the right

There are lots of other ways to get here. If you need some more help give us a call 912-596-5687. We will gladly help you find your way here.

Q. Are camp fires allowed?

A. Sometimes! We love a good fire but it gets dry here and fire can be a hazard. Check the signs on site to confirm its safe to have a fire. Always use good sense, keep the fire under 18” tall, in a proper pit or ring and never when it’s windy.

Q. Can your park accommodate a rig of my size?

A. Send us a message or call us, if you have a big rig or extra vehicles we will do our best to accommodate you. We don’t have any hard and fast rules, it really depends on how booked up we are.

Q. Can I feed the cows?

A. Cows can be a bit of a garbage disposal, we ask you not to feed the cows your food but, if you want an up close and personal experience please schedule a feeding/photo op starting at $20. Noah loves to round the cows up and feed them pellets for our guests. The experience will not disappoint!

Q. How do I schedule some of the activities listed on your website?

A. Just ask. Since we are a family run ranch we tailor your experience to your wants. Yoga, cycling, cow feeding. Just ask, we will make it happen.

Q. I really like FCR, can I schedule an event there?

A. Yes! We have a multiple rustic facilities and are adding more every year. Send us a message or give us a call to discuss your event.

Q. Is there Fishing on your Ranch?

A. Yes, bring your gear. You are welcome to catch and release in our live bottom pond.

Rules and Regs.

  • We want you to enjoy your stay at Flying Cow Ranch. As this is a working cattle ranch and there are other guests we have a few rules. Mostly the Golden Rule.
  • Keep pets on leash at all times. If your animal gets too excited and chases a cow its like they will get hurt.
  • Pickup after yourself, use the dumpster for your household trash.
  • Keep camp fires under control and observe periodic burn bans.
  • Check-in is 2pm, check out is 11 am.
  • Quiet time 10pm-8am
  • 1 RV and 1 vehicle per site. If you have additional vehicles or trailers they must be approved and placed in a storage area.
  • Close any gates that are open.
  • Flying Cow Ranch reserves the right to ask any guest to leave at any point.

FAQ and Rules

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    About Us

    Throughout their adult life the Hutton’s found the family homestead – Huttonville to be a welcome escape from the drone of daily life. The ranch and extended family are a retreat where they refresh themselves only to return to their life away from the ranch. Over the years they found themselves coming home as often as they were able. The rustle of the wind tumbling over the grass. The seasonal changing color palate of vibrant neutrals. The freedom of wide open pastures.

    The small town life where everybody knows your name. This is a place where birds and bees truly dominate the morning song and the stars overwhelm the inky night sky. These pastures are home, it is undeniable. A little history; In 1958 a stoic Cowan Noah Hutton (Paw) moved his family from Shallowater in Western Texas to a ranch between Cross Plains and Rising Star in central Texas with the goal having some relief from his seasonal allergies. The rolling hills he purchased for his new homestead were a massive thicket of briars. Paw was a cow man, cows do not eat briars. Paw kept up on what livestock markets were doing and knew the angora goat market was on the rise. He also knew goats eat just about anything including briars. After installing miles of really strong fences he bought 2000 goats and bulldozed the bramble. The goats gladly ate the bramble before being sold off in favor of a purchase of Beefmaster Cattle. “The most gentle beef cows” according to Paw whenever he proudly introduced a new friend to his ranch. Laverne (Maw) was a pillar of warm guidance for the family. Many years after her passing her wisdom is instilled in every household she touched. On arrival in the area Maw designed a house for their 5 children and was a constant source of support for the ranch and the family. This is where the Huttonville legacy began. Today 4 generations of Hutton’s live and work on or close to the ranch. Those who do not enjoy the privilege to live here come back for regular visits.

    The Hutton’s have always been entrepreneurs, they bring that spirit to Flying Cow Ranch. Flying Cow Ranch is situated on the North Eastern most sections of what is affectionately called Huttonville in the area. Currently Flying Cow Ranch offers 5 power and water RV spots, boondocking and dry camping. There are two studio condos under construction in the pasture. There are future plans for an open air yoga studio, BMX pump track and event space. The ranch is a place where the Hutton’s can nourish their family and bloom all of their ideas. The ranch is a place where you can open yourself up to the escape of the wild peace.

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